What we do

Working with patent owners, innovators, and at the same time investing significantly in the development of our own efficiency solutions, our ultimate passion is to create positive and financially viable change.

If the solution reduces energy and is commercially sustainable, the simple fact is that positive change for the planet follows naturally.

Another significant fact is that, on average, reducing energy consumption pays back six times faster than producing electricity. To be clear, we are by no means against renewable energy products. However, the reduction of waste energy usage should always be a primary focus.

Over the past 6-years, our technologies have been installed in 48 different countries, ranging from the hottest to some of the coldest occupied environments. They’ve been installed on many different facilities, from as small as the average home to the size of a professional soccer stadium, from residential customers to F500 clients.

Our energy reduction technologies deliver reductions in usage by as high as 45%, and are focused on the highest consumers, which is predominantly the cooling and heating equipment.

Reducing YOUR impact, or your company’s impact on the planet, is our ultimate motivation towards achieving not only our own goals, more importantly having a beneficial and undeniable impact on your bank balance in the process.