In short, although we say it ourselves, SubXero is simply brilliant. Utilizing and building upon a well established and recognized industry process, we have taken liquid production to the next level.

It is a fact that 80-90% of the consumption in a refrigerant cooling system is directly related to the liquid production process. So, what if we could simply do it better, more efficient? Well, we now can.

SubXero works by utilizing the cooling system’s own primary components (condenser, compressor, fan), and is partnered into the system’s pipework as a logic-controlled, liquid-cooled active heat sync, having only a positive impact on required system pressures. This process sub-cools the liquid, along with any vapor in the liquid line prior to entering the TXV―reducing if not eliminating any flash gas in the evaporation process. Delivering a lower consumption from the compressor, and an improved cooling capacity at the evaporator.

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Spend any amount of time researching HVAC-R, and you will quickly discover that no matter how complex a system design is, it all comes down to regulating subcooling and superheat. Simply put, the refrigerant in your system is the vehicle by which heat is absorbed and expelled. The production of liquid refrigerant, the quality and temperature of such, directly and critically impacts the efficiency and capability of any system.

The systems existing compressor pressurizes and heats the gaseous refrigerant returning from the evaporation process, which then flows to the condenser.

The high-pressure cooled liquid refrigerant leaving the systems condenser now flows directly through the SubXero® Heatsink.

Once SubXero® is engaged, the SubXero® system allows a small proportion of the liquid supplied by the condenser to expand into a separate chamber of the SubXero® Heatsink.

The systems existing condenser then removes an element of the heat, returning the pressurized gas back to a liquid, then normally flowing directly to the expansion valve, in our case it now flows directly to the SubXero® system.

The SubXero® built-in logic control continuously takes several readings from the cooling systems operating parameters, determining when the SubXero® system should engage.

As the logic control engages SubXero®, this patent pending process further sub-cools the liquid flowing through the main chamber of the heatsink, on route to the systems evaporator, by a supplementary minus 18 °F to 30°F.

Finally, the negligible volume of now gaseous refrigerant generated from the SubXero® Heatsink cooling process, is now directed back into the cycle on the low side suction.

The SubXero® technology can be added to almost any type/make/size or model of refrigerant-based cooling system, delivering credible and measurable energy savings, which in many cases can exceed 30% against the measured baseline of the system’s kWh consumption. Moreover, this process can have a significant positive impact on the longevity and maintenance of the partnered HVAC-R.

The average calculated return on end user investment is tracking at between c.18-36 months. However, in areas with high electricity costs, this can be as low a matter of months. Furthermore, the technology deliverers a significant increase in lifespan expectancy of the partnered equipment.

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