Just about anyone can sell you solar photovoltaics. In fact, most companies are happy to simply size the system from your past kW usage, sign the paperwork and off they go. This should never happen. It’s almost a crime.

At Xero technologies, the first thing we do is monitor existing usage. Then, reduce or remove non-required usage – you will be amazed how much there actually is! Then, and only then does the system sizing calculations begin. But it certainly doesn’t end there…

…the next key question – are the utility paying you less per unit than you pay them, for your excess production? If the answer is yes, then some serious consideration should be had as to whether there should be reduction in the proposed PV array, and the savings utilized to install a battery storage system. Seriously, why pay the utility more that you can provide yourself for less?

If, however, the utility is paying you equal or better per unit that they purchase, and assuming you are not looking to go off grid or generate emergency storage, then if financially viable, you should install as much solar as you can possibly in the space available.

The likelihood is, no other low-risk investment will pay you back at these levels.

Battery storage is an important consideration in your overall decision-making process. In general, there are three main decision drivers for installing a battery storage solution, and each can have a significant difference in cost.

Financial. As mentioned above, why sell yourself cheap when you can sell to yourself. 
Companies or people looking to have a positive impact and get nearer or achieve that net-zero goal.
Independence. Companies or people looking to reduce or where possible eradicate their dependance on the utility. Or, to simply live or trade where there is no grid, and then the only choice is off-grid.

Xero Technologies specialize in net-zero and off-grid solution, hence the reason we have invested heavily in energy reduction solutions. Without them, the challenge (and cost) becomes too much. We build net-zero homes, we take businesses to net-zero, and to do that we have to have the best, most reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Our Solar PV is installed with a 25-year warranty. Our batteries have a 10-year warranty and expected 20+ year lifespan, and nobody beats our like-for-like fully installed price.

If your chosen or potential energy production provider is not completing this level of due diligence, asking these type of questions, and providing you with the most cost effective, reliable products with manufacturer backed warranties like this, then you likely have the wrong provider.

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